The Tyranny Of Twitler And Twitter Trolls The Troll

Why do I doomscroll Twitter at ungodly hours? I wake-up in the middle of the night, can’t get back to sleep, and what will I do? Not a big mystery.

Yet, I’m not alone, as many of the compatriots I follow, and are followed by, are often in that same political obsessive mode, worried about the future of their country, me worried about the place where I was born. Worried about the bashing Democracy has taken over the last 4 years. Worried about the great divide that has put many at odds with old friends and family, co-workers, their neighbours, and right now there is no real actual solid guarantees that it’s all going to be alright.

I mean, we’re close, no question, we can see Biden’s inauguration day off on the horizon, close but yet so far, regardless of the deranged tweets and the circus of legal clowns getting cases thrown day, after day, after day.

But, even then, there is a long hot steaming pile of shyte to hoe through still. Trump is pardoning and ranting against the dying of his spotlight, day after day, on and on.

We live now in this crazy loop of Biden winning Georgia, Michigan, or Pennsylvania again and again, over and over.

Still, many agolf twitlers followers and talking minions seem to exist in some alternate upside down world where fiction is fact. Not surprisingly, most of his followers actually believe this giant national conspiracy of fraud is real, and with no evidence whatsoever, still hold dear to this narrative, they buy it hook line and sinker – because, well, because they just can’t seem to handle reality, I guess.

Well, reality or no, they have said again and again they take pleasure from watching Liberals spin and twist and cry and scream and rage, and admit that that pleasure alone is why they ignore twitlers abject failures, his cons, his incompetence, his lies. They ignore calling soldiers suckers and losers, ignore his indifference, his lack of any sense of dignity, as he beats his tiny mitts together and says outrageously false stuff, over and over, gleefully they clap and fawn, entertained… owning the libs.

They just don’t see, don’t care, don’t understand, that this man and his sycophants, his loyal minions, don’t care about them, really at all care. Sadly, profoundly obviously selfishly just don’t act like they care.

Cause, own the libs.

I mean, if they really cared about them, wouldn’t the safety of their voters be important? Wouldn’t they be taking guidelines seriously, looking to other countries/districts/states that have successfully managed/eliminated the virus? Wouldn’t they follow the science, wearing masks, encouraging their voters to follow these same guidelines that other countries have taken to stop the spread of COVID-19? Would not proactively be listening to experts with decades of experience, and squashing any conspiracy nutjobs that say otherwise? Right? Wouldn’t that be what a good and honest leader would do?

The travelling pestilence that is this administration’s top level minions is getting shunned worldwide. National Security Advisor, O’Brien, went to Vietnam, and they were treated like dirty vermin. The crew who brought them were not even allowed to disembark, and rightly so, as a few of that crew actually tested positive for the virus.

O’Brien’s Vietnamese hosts regarded their guest and his entourage as human petri dishes and restricted the delegation to a single floor of the luxurious Metropole hotel in Hanoi. Room service meals were left outside the U.S. guests’ doors, and Vietnamese officials in head-to-toe protective gear administered virus tests.

It’s so dire in some areas that between April and October Doctors Without Borders declared “there was a clear need for additional support for the COVID-19 response, especially among vulnerable communities”.

Well, and frankly, all I see are his loyal sycophants prop up his tyranny cause his authoritarian style suits their white nationalist agenda, and everyone else be damned. Far more concerned with shoving their ideology down everyone’s throat like some fascist mother, all the while ensuring the filthy rich white guys get their due, regardless of how it may affect you.

But, ya know, own the libs.

So, I find to troll the troll is not without its merits. His lies are killing people, and treating him like he has any credibility is actually normalizing his whole administration.

Sure, I was never the mean girl in school, as I was often the one bullied. Too quiet, too shy, pretty but oblivious, so I got bullied the last two years in school.

BUT. Say what you will, I delight in trends set off by the multitudes just sick and tired of the commander of chaos and his mean and nasty behavior.

After 4 straight years, day after day, of one thing after another, not above delighting in trash talk and making sure #DiaperDon trends higher and higher… when they go low, we, well, laugh and giggle and make fun of the abject incompetence and whiny bratty baby behaviour of the one who has made bullying his modus operandi. Well, back at ya. I watch it all with a big ol’ smile. Share it more, watch it roll up again through our timelines, share it again, and smile a devious smile.

Narcissistic ego-driven sociopaths hate to be laughed at, so I say, troll the troll. Sit back and watch him rage tweet unhinged nonsense. Laugh and laugh, mooooHhaaaHAaa.

Mean? Sure. But ol’Don the con is so full of shyte, and after all the angst and rage, oh baby, it feels soooooo good. Very theraputic, if a little self-medicatingish.

Whatever. 😋

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