The Lame Duck Will Leave, But What Damage Will Be Done? And Why?

Trump was a match thrown on the already inflamed, the already hateful, the already fearful. He spoke to their fear of losing their grip on systemic racism, their fear of globalization, of loss of jobs that fuelled their local economies.

But he is a symptom, by far not the spark that lit the cult of popularity he leads.

Call it Oligarchy, Authoritarian, Fascist, whatever you call it, the Trumplican loyalist talking heads are striving to weaken democracy to make the mirage real, to corrupt the process of democracy to the point that it is merely a puppet for them to control the populace, and this is step one – undermine the election, sow doubt.

How does it spread? Well, racism and guns are America’s Achilles heel, and it is through these two weaknesses that people are radicalized.

The inflamed masses are far more easily fanned into action via these talking points, flash points for right-wing fears to become inflamed, radicalized.

Foreign entities who foster this right-wing totalitarian view don’t need today to ever physically invade a nation, but instead via ideologies born of fear and anger that has been festering in the U.S. almost since its birth.

Maybe for some they see it as a return, rather than an invasion.

This regime of right-wing ideologies have grown over the last couple of decades by undermining elections and peoples trust in the result, thus, they undermine democracy by voters losing faith in it as a means for their voice to be heard.

In a significant shift since 2000, the GOP has taken to demonising and encouraging violence against its opponents, adopting attitudes and tactics comparable to ruling nationalist parties in Hungary, India, Poland and Turkey.

The shift has both led to and been driven by the rise of Donald Trump.

By contrast the Democratic party has changed little in its attachment to democratic norms, and in that regard has remained similar to centre-right and centre-left parties in western Europe. Their principal difference is the approach to the economy.

The Guardian – Republicans closely resemble autocratic parties in Hungary and Turkey – studyJulian Borger – 26 Oct 2020

The chaos brings more uncertainty as to truth, this narrative gains steam, grows as those who they believe are trustworthy go along with the false narrative of Trump being cheated of victory by the evil Democrats.

And we know people LOVE conspiracies, as entangled evil dystopian plots I guess are like some endorphin high or something.

And, without Trump, how will the GOP keep them raging?

Well, they create more BS to add to the great dystopian plot.

GOP need raging followers, angry and scared. They are maintaining the false narrative that Trump was cheated, not because they are compromised, but so they can retain their grip on his supporters, and spin the loss as all the fault of the evil Dems, and this global socialist plot to destroy America.

GOP are not being blackmailed to agree, they have been radicalized to go along with it all in order to create this authoritarian regime they hanker for. Their goals are to not having to pander to equality, workers or human rights, to laws and regs they don’t like, policies they want to make without compromise, the will of the people be damned.

Republicans no longer really have policies, nor wish to make Americans lives better, because none of that serves them. They want to basically control the reins of power, and twist the system to suit themselves, and their wealthy friends.

Since the election, and well before when they saw the loss coming, they basically initiated a classic spin strategy – undermine the competition and swamp the media with the new narrative of Trump the great leader cheated of his Presidency by a cabal of fraudsters nationwide.

Failed despot emerges after his loss as a fighter against this diabolical cabal, fighting tirelessly for the white nationalist racist misogynistic right-wing ideologies they want to slam down everyone’s throat.

Can it be termed a coup? Sort of, but more sedition, the autocratic spin of a party afraid they will lose their grip on the MAGAts once Trump leaves office.

There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised.

So, to the courts they send the jester, Giuliani, to expose this so-called voter fraud, armed with absolutely no evidence, if only to undermine everyone’s faith in the process, and to ultimately give the false claims that tint of plausibility.

However, the tide is turning, as the claims become more and more absurd, and the GOP elite slowly bend to the reality, as the votes tick up more and more for Biden, and the legal frameworks come in to play that switch out the old president for the new.

And, now ask yourself this… out of the talking heads, the political pundits, the politicians and so forth that are spewing the lies, do they have something to gain? Or, better question, what is it they have to lose?

Some trumplican niche platforms that have sprung up and gained traction during Trumps tenure as POTUS, like OANN, NEWSMAX, are engaging in misinformation for no other reason than to grow their base, to glean some angry Fox viewers, for instance.

They serve no other purpose than ad revenue they get through curious clicks, and so they push out the misinformation du jour, amplify the false narrative, for no other reason then good ol’greed.

The grievance narrative is a power thing, the cheated president, the god king, the election stolen from him, and every tiny detail feeds the grand unified theory, the great conspiracy.

So, I guess the thing is, what’s going on is a bunch of cons, and those spawned of conspiracy-mongers on crack, power hungry politicians, and various others hangers on are getting their final grift in. Also, they are paving the way forward, not just for Trump, but for themselves. Keeping the loyal followers, the cult of trump, the plebs, igniting them in order to fuel the GOPs future plans, whatever those may be.

And, then of course, um… well.

Besides, ya know, being a sore loser with no integrity, who knows what debts he needs to pay to whatever foreign entities. So, aside from the incompetent clown show conspiracy BS, we are also watching a desperate man ruthlessly damaging the integrity of an election because, well, no doubt because he needs time to hide the crime-ing he and his nest of cohorts has been up to for 4 straight years.

And, I imagine there is a healthy helping of revenge in mind, as he would like nothing else but to make Biden’s transition as difficult as possible, setting up economic & health disasters that will consume his first months, if not years in office.

And, he just keeps crime-ing… and will up until he’s forced to leave. He is a petty small man who should NEVER have been given, or kept, the highest office in the United States.

But anywho.

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