Fine, Ok, Blame The Establishment… But Movements Towards Change Don’t Come In An Instant, And Sometimes They Don’t Come At All

“A wise man can play the part of a clown, but a clown can’t play the part of a wise man.”

― Malcolm X

In the air, throughout the twitter world, in whiffs like the thawing of dog poop in your backyard, the administrations lack of coordination to the COVID-19 evolved. Those who may have thought… “what harm can he do”… are having to face the cold hard fact of his administrations uniquely unqualified ability to handle a crisis.

Yeah, all fun and games till the bankrupt king reality star has to man up and face a real challenge he can’t ignore, and falls so short he puts peoples lives at risk. Oh, not that there is anything new in that, but this time these lives are those of his base who are especially vulnerable to his incompetent response to this virus.

Glaringly so. Full-frontal naked exposure to the 45ths failure to lead, his lack of empathy hard to ignore, more and more, day by day, as the virus turns into a pandemic.

Who knew? Uh…yeah… but her emails?

So, other morning up too early and sifting through some comments underneath a twitter account I used to follow that had become too extreme for my taste, and wow. Just wow.

Unfollowed this guy way back a few months ago, but out of some kind of zombie-like curiosity, stupidly hit the Sanders hashtag that was trending on twitter. I read vaped out privileged egocentric white boys in meltdown mode cause their guy was not doing so well, actually threatening to sabotage the election and help Trump get re-elected… some crazy trending hashtags all yesterday.

Actually took an act of sheer will power not to weigh into the fray. But looked like the nighthawks had, so, just liked what they said and went on my way.

But, holy cow batman and robin, there are some nasty vicious crap spewing from the blowholes of this one faction of Sanders followers, that, well, frankly is why I spent yesterday unfollowing a whole swath of folks, and kinda felt like ol’St. Nick… who’d been naughty or nice… who spewed revolutionary hate and disinformation, and who calm and collected rationality.

I have no time for that sort of negative BS, and have no desire to be involved in any way shape or form with those who spew disinformation.

I had begun my weeding of these alt-left extremist sorts last spring, as adding no real value to my bank of knowledge, with their unsubstantiated conspiracies and spinning reality to no ones benefit.

The comments were filled with this gang of goons, mostly privileged white kids… taking it hard and wanting to burn it all to the ground because their guy didn’t win?

Some of those were bots, and trolls who spread chaos confetti for the pleasure of watching everything spiral out of control.

But certainly not all.

Being the historical nerd I am, my first thought was to the mid-19th century, and that it took women until 1920, more than 70 years or so, to be able to VOTE – a privilege their white male ancestors never had to fight for.

Civil War might have freed the slaves, but for many Black Americans, they didn’t get the same rights and freedoms these kids ancestors had by birth for another 95 years.

They’re angry?

Well, stamp your feet and let’s have a pity party.

I mean, I’m going to be 53 this year and if there is one thing I know, it is that change is hard, they just have to adult up and work for what they want. There are no short-cuts, for every gain they will have to deal with 2 steps back, and so forth, just the same as any movement that has ever tried to bring about change to how things are.

And, I’m sorry if Biden doesn’t excite, and that he’s not progressive enough. Unfortunate that after all the strides that had been made before Trump, that now America is faced with having to back up and heal their wounds, but that maybe, just maybe… real, genuine change can be achieved.

Sanders, evidently can not heal those wounds, he seems to be more focused on division. And, maybe that strategy once had merit to candidates vying for leadership, but in this new reality, the chaos commander has given everyone a bad taste in their collective mouths, and no one wants to gag back any more of that chaos.

Biden, much as he may not be generally a first pick, not an exciting pick, not the most progressive pick, but he just happens to actually be the best candidate to bring about unity.

Calm, stable, experienced, this is the guy who can walk in on day one and get right down to business. He appeals to suburbanites, to the middle-class, to the Midwest, and from sea to shining sea, to the educated, to the middle-aged, to the old who have seen too much, and youth that see the future without the benefit of their white privilege rose-coloured glasses from mommy and daddy, and everyone else who acknowledges there are no pie in the sky easy solutions.

America is a big ship to turn, conservative and cautious in their politics, resistant to change. And, as I’ve said for a few months now, Biden appeals to quite a few more Americans than he may have back before the 45th took the helm of their country.

While Sanders may lead a revolution, Biden merely leads. And right now, who do you think most would prefer?

So, sorry kids, I know what you want, I know that it is not unreasonable, but… there is no Santa… and the reality is you just have to go out and work for that kind of stuff… no one is going to hand it to you on a silver platter. You have to accept defeats, but get back up and fight just as hard, if not harder.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”



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