Panic In The Digital World Spreads Like A Brush Fire Across A Drought-stricken Prairie, And Trump Is The Wind

So, the fall guy seems to be the mainstream media – enemy #1. Which I suppose could be seen that way. Yet, is that actually true? Doesn’t our 24/7 news cycle maybe also play a role? The always on modern world, the instant gratification, I believe play a part.

Blame, blame, blame. They report the news, but does everyone have to watch it 24/7? Do we need to have up-to-the-minute updates? Do people just like the high of being in panic mode?

Does sell ads, so, whose really to blame? The media or the viewers of the media?

And, this panic I guess also contributes to the stock market going into free fall.

Perhaps if the chaos commander in chief down yonder had more than merely sycophants around him, someone would have the kahunas to remind him that calm and informed leadership in a crisis is a vital component in electability. That outright lying and uncensored twitter gibberish that undermines the messaging from his own administration and experts is, um, not very reassuring.

Yeah, its all fun and games till grandma dies in the hallway of the local hospital and grandpa’s left with an outrageous debt for his last days.

Now, for a Gen X’r such as myself, used to be, like way back in the 70s, 80s I guess, my parents would read the news in the morning paper, head to work, come home maybe catch some local news on the TV at 6, maybe at 11 as well if they were up, and that would generally be it. There would be some repetition, sure, but you had no access to consume all news all day from every techy device you own.

Well, cause the most techy device most of us owned was a corded remote control and a colour TV, perhaps a digital clock radio. WOOT WOOT… we’re cookin’ with butter.

Yet, even so, some panic is warranted, as the complete lack of direction from the United States, is, well, frankly rather scary, to be honest.

Trump having gutted many agencies that would have forewarned them of COVID-19, for starters, didn’t exactly help. Then for rather mysterious reasons, they refused the WHO testing kits, leading to a serious national lack of kits, making it impossible for healthcare providers to even diagnosis people.

All the while, the only thing registering to Trump is getting re-elected, and somehow he thinks that being an incompetent boob is the way to go. His administration has just gone out of their way to majestically screw it up.

Probably because you can’t tell him anything, course, cause he knows everything, so educating him on this is probably for his advisers (and I use that term in its most general sense) a complete waste of breath. He will just go on twitter and spew out a bunch of nonsense counter to whatever the “experts” say. He’s pure gut reaction with no filter.

Fox News is whining on about how mean everyone is to the dear leader, no surprise there. Given that the majority of Trumps base are the very individuals who could actually die from COVID-19, well, has apparently either not occurred to them, or they just simply don’t care.

Italy is on lockdown, so with that in mind, is the mainstream media response really hyperbole? Italy is struggling to contain this virus, and it is putting their entire healthcare system into crisis mode as they try to keep up.

The number of deaths from coronavirus in Italy rose from 366 to 463 on Monday, according to the head of the civil protection agency. The total number of cases in Italy rose by 24% to 9,172, and of those originally infected, 724 had fully recovered. A total of 733 people were in intensive care against a previous total of 650.

“The figures show we are experiencing a serious increase in infections, an increase in people hospitalised in intensive care – and an increase, unfortunately, in deaths. We need to change our lifestyle. We need to change it now. That’s why I have decided to adopt these hard measures,” said Conte.

THE GUARDIAN | Tue 10 Mar 2020 06.04 GMT

For those without any immune deficiencies, no pre-existing lung or heart issues, this coronavirus is nothing serious. However, those same individuals interact with others, and it spreads to those who have serious underlying health concerns, parents, grandparents, cancer patients etal, and even the most efficient and robust intensive care units across the country are unable to help their most vulnerable patients.

This could very well be that one piece of straw that breaks wide open the flood gates of truth on this incompetent administration.

Trump excels at disruption, unity and calm is not his forte. His response is not just incompetent, it is dangerous. And when you consider that the very core of his loyal followers, the over 60 folks, they are who are most at risk from coronavirus, it really does make you wonder, again, is there anyone other than paid freeloaders left in the White House?

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