How To Inoculate The Infection Of The Authoritarian Right-Wing Movement In America; Or At least A Good Start

Uppity quasi-Canadian here with an opinion, and let me say first that American politics is soOOooo different from Canadian, at many levels. Beginning with the drag out fight to the death epic drama of American elections. The rise and fall of candidates, over months and months and months, of speeches, debates, out on the campaign trail, the back and forth, the attacks’ day upon day, month after month, it’s completely twisted from my staid Canadian perspective.

Canadian elections are short novella’s, cold, and cut to the chase – whatta ya got? Our elections are rarely a cult of personality, Canadians are skeptical of those sorts of candidates.

Money plays a role, but it is generally not part of the equation.

Canadians went to the polls in the fall, for a federal election, and so Trudeau’s liberals ended up winning a minority government to Conservatives under Andrew Scheer, who is our very own right-wing nutjob white nationalist sort of politician. A minority gov in Canada basically means the voters are putting Trudeau on notice… straighten up or go BYE BYE, k? Don’t make me go NDP.

Yes, we have options.

NDP = National Democratic Party is our Social Democratic party, what Americans would think of as left-wing progressive. Canadians, by and large, are generally more moderate.

First off, Prime Minister do not have the same kind of power as American presidents. Canadians vote for their local representative to be their member of parliament. The PM reports to the Governor General – technically. If those members gang up with the opposing teams, a Prime Minister can be kicked out. Yes, and it’s been done. One vote of non-confidence, and boom, they are gone.

Now, just so you know, I’m not a Canadian citizen, still a landed immigrant technically, and because of that I tend to steer clear of opining overmuch on our politics, since I can’t really do much about it personally until I get off my lazy duff and become a citizen.

Notice that ‘our’, because I do feel Canadian, I’ve lived here since I was 3 years old, but technically I haven’t done the paperwork to make it official. In my heart though, pure Canadian, eh.

Ok, so, with all that said. Watching American elections I find to be both painful as they are enlightening, and this time around I’m watching the epic spectacle from day one; which I’ve never done before.

This time around it is not just any ol’election. This time around the cast of characters is decidedly larger, as the Democrats vying for the nomination are vast, and run a spectrum from centrist to far left progressive, making it quite the show for one such as I with little to no interest in past elections in the U.S. Also, I find it illuminates that left side of the American people rather succinctly, a cross section of the citizens who make up those currently divisive states of America.

Also, this time around the stakes are much higher, and the final results far more important to the preservation of democracy.

For that is the state of affairs down yonder in the land of my birth, they are broken into many pieces, with old ideas of conservatism deadened by the din of a wannabe autocrat authoritarianism tyrant and its creeping grip over their politics.

More than ever, who leads the Democratic Party is not just important, but paramount, for it will be them who is charged with cleaning up the mess left behind in the wake of that man-child commander of chaos and his circus act of toadies and evil villains and con artists.

To my mind, this is no time for revolutions. Necessary as I believe they are for the country, this is just not the time.

So, here’s what I think – I think Biden is going to take the nomination.

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And, to be completely honest, I think it would be a good thing; for the short-term. I say that because, as much as I know there are multitudes of those in the States who really want a change, who are more than ready for more progressive leadership, all that needs to take a back burner to the reality that the one and only thing the nominee needs to be is someone that can absolutely trample Trump right into the ground. To not just win, but win so HUGELY that there would be no doubt what the majority of the citizenship of America thought of the bumbling rumpTus.

Biden is, to my mind, a Canadian compromise sort of candidate. A safe bet candidate voted in for the purposes of stabilizing the ship, experienced legislator, generally respected, and a person an old fashion Republican, A.K.A. nonTrumpist, could hold their nose and vote for.

With such a large group of other fine candidates, just as solid credentials, with good ideas and policies, and with strong support, if Biden is smart he will utilize some of them to his advantage. It would be from that spectrum he could build an administration to put the country back together again. From that cast of democrats that vied for that highest office for themselves, they can be a part of the cleaning up, the inoculation of that fascist authoritarian anti-democratic bacteria that has infested American politics for a couple of decades; or, to make a good start.

America is like a massive ship, like one of its own aircraft carriers, it does not just change course on a dime without some serious damage to the hull of the ship. The country needs to move into calmer waters, repair international relations, broken relationships with important allies mended, heal the wounds, though, first they have to be acknowledged.

[originally posted at THE TEMENOS JOURNAL August 2019 – Canadian elections part updated ]
feature photo from Pexels

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